Agluno Diabetic Care

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Dr. Mohinder Ahuja, (BAMS)

    Control diabetes in 28 days

    Agluno is an anti-diabetic solution extracted from the books of Ayurvedic Medicine. The process of healing starts within 28 days and aids Diabetes in just 28 days time.

    Best quality extract

    At Agluno we ensure to pick premium extracts. These extracts are sourced from our organic farms so that the richness of these ingredients remains intact, and they serve better.

    Easy to use

    Agluno Anti- Diabetic powder comes in sachet. Empty one sachet in the glass and add boiled water, let it infuse for 8-10 minutes. Filter the mixture with a sieve and when it is Lukewarm drink it at one go.

    No Chemicals Processing

    We at Agluno have ensured that our product remains completely natural, along with ingredients which do not have any side effects on your body.




    Add Sweetness to your life with Agluno Anti-Diabetec Powder.

    Diabetes is one of those problems that arises from lifestyle and other factors and affects people of all age groups. There are many over the counter medicines which are available at medical stores to manage this particular problem but none of them is a cure.
    If you are consuming various medicines for this problem then this is the right time to bring it to an end.

    Allopathic medicines control the symptoms and conditions reoccur with time and they’re notoriously known for their side effects that may be short or long term. You should switch to Ayurvedic medicines, if you seek a permanent solution to your ailment.

    Agluno powder is a natural Ayurvedic solution which provides relief to diabetic patients. A salient feature is that it’s completely a herbal formulation comprising different natural ingredients which help to control your blood sugar levels.

    It contributes to insulin secretion which in turn helps to control the level of sugar in your blood. It also assists the liver to generate controlled amounts of glucose.


    Taking a note of special consideration of ingredients while preparing any of the Ayurvedic remedies is must. Here are some of the ingredients which are specifically used for preparing Agluno Diabetic care powder.


    Gudmar is actually a magical remedy for especially the diabetic patients. For both diabetes mellitus and insipidus it helps in enhancing the level of insulin in the body.



    Jamun beej which is actually one of the best sources for alkaloids. These alkaloids help in converting starch into energy which particularly helps in curing various different symptoms of diabetes.



    It actually contains a large amount of fibre and some of the other additional ingredients which can easily slow down the digestion and the absorption of carbohydrates and sugar in the body.



    Giloy extract is one of those remedies which helps in the production of insulin. If you are actually looking for those natural remedies which can easily burn excess glucose from your body then you should surely go with the same. It can easily be effective in reducing blood sugar level to a large extent.



    It helps to stimulate liver function and helps with your blood sugar levels so that they stay within healthy range.



    Gudmar is actually a magical remedy for especially the diabetic patients. For both diabetes mellitus and insipidus it helps in enhancing the level of insulin in the body.


    Agluno Diabetic Care is a product which is made out of natural ingredients such as Karela, Bel patra, Triphala, Chiraita, shudh shilajit, Haldi, trivanga, kutki which has been known to cure diabetes from the root.


    Let the Sweetness Enter your Life Again.....


    Agluno Anti-Diabetec Powder comes in a Sachet. It should be consumed on an empty stomach.

    Pour the Sachet into a glass of lukewarm water and let it infuse for 8-10 minutes. Stir it well and ensure to consume it mildly warm.

    Using Agluno Anti-Diabetec powder on a daily basis makes sure that the glycemic index is maintained and you can live a healthy life, without being worried of a haywire insulin level. If consumed as per instructions, you can surely lead a normal life wherein no add on injections, capsules or medicines are required to control blood sugar.