Diabetic Foot Problem

Diabetic Foot Problem

Diabetes can lead to many foot problems. If you are diabetic yourself, or you happen to know someone, who is diagnosed with diabetes, then this article is going to help you a lot.

It’s not like that you don’t have any cure for foot problems. You can control diabetic foot problems by managing your blood sugar levels and controlling your diabetes.

Starting with the foot problems that start with diabetes. There are other organs that affect because of diabetes, say eyes, kidneys and even heart troubles, if corrective action plan is not considered at the right time.

How diabetes generate foot problems?

For a diabetic person, its common that at some point, your nerves starts getting deteriorated and because of that you might feel pain in your foot. This feeling can lead to cuts and sores in your foot that later become infectious and cause more pain. Diabetes can also cause problems by lowering your blood flow amount. Not getting enough blood flow in your feet can cause your sores to get dangerous and they may even never get cured. It happens rarely but the damaged nerves may also cause changes in the shape of the feet.

Keeping all these points in mind, it is very important to take good care of your feet and be aware of all the foot problems diabetes can lead to.

Taking care of your feet is the primary job for a person who is suffereing from diabetes or is prone to diabetes.

Things to avoid foot problems

Foot problems can be very stressful but they can be controlled once you start taking care of your foot and adopt some healthy habits as mentioned below:

  • Check your Foot Every Day. To control foot problems before they actually start disturbing you, check your foot daily. Look for symptoms like swelling, cut, sores, red spots, improper growth of toenails, calluses (roughening of the skin due to pressure), and warm spots.
  • Keep your feet clean.Washing your feet regularly is very important to keep them germ-free and prevent any kind of infection. Infection may happen due to cuts and sores or due to walking bare foot. So, keeping your feet clean by washing it daily is very necessary. Also, keep your toenails clean and cut them straight regularly as they are more likely to catch germs.
  • Stay safe from hot and cold things. The temperature of your feet should be normal. So keep them covered properly whenever you go outside in sunlight, rain, and when it is too cold. Cover them every time you go outside and cover them with socks when you are at home. The more they are covered, the lesser are the chances of foot problems.
  • Keep the flow of blood at foot checked. As mentioned earlier, due to diabetes your blood flow may get affected badly. You should adopt measures that can help you to make the blood flow regular in your feet. You can do it by keeping your feet above whenever you are sitting. Stay physically active and keep them moving. While wearing socks make sure that you are not wearing a tight one.

In case, one observes foot problem due to diabetes, then it can be really difficult to get cured, hence you should curb down the same at the beginning.You must follow the above tips to keep your foot healthy and restrain from being a victim to foot problems due to diabetes.

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