A marginal change in your Lifestyle is worth


Diabetic is said to be a Lifestyle disease. This clearly indicates that it can be corrected only when we work on our lifestyle. Our Lifestyle consists right from the daily routine, our diet and sleeping patterns too.  So if you are also in the category of people who are prone to Diabetes then a change of lifestyle is essential. Here is a quick take on an ideal lifestyle of anyone who wants to procure from diabetes;

  1. Add Citrus Fruits into your diet
  2. Regularize your daily routine back. Switch into Early to Bed, Early to Rise.
  3. Replace routine sugar cravings with healthy options
  4. Invest time wisely
  5. Do 30 mins of work-out every 2 days on a regular basis.
  6. Keep a check on Stress
  7. Stop Smoking comprehensively
  8. As per ADA, Alcohol should be consumed in an adequate manner if you are Diabetes Prone, since Alcohol such as Wine, Beer and Liquor can fluctuate sugar levels extensively.

In short, Today’s life is all about precautions. The more you care for you pay you back, and you live a healthy life at par. The above lifestyle changes not only reduce but prevent your Insulin Levels.  An anti-diabetic aids from any further complication which can be caused due to poor Diabetes level.  Agluno is made from natural ingredients and helps you to overcome this at ease.

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