10 Things to Avoid in Diabetes

diabetic avoid

Diabetes has been included in the list of chronic diseases.

So, you must know about the things you should avoid in diabetes so that you can stay healthy and control diabetes.As it is rightly said that health is wealth.

Underneath are some foods items that must be avoided in order to stay healthy if you are diagnosed with diabetes

Beverages Containing Sugar

The beverages like coco-cola, sugared lime-juice, and iced tea contain about 45 grams of carbs that are very harmful for a diabetic patient. They not only increase your weight but also have a large amount of fructose in them. Fructose is linked with insulin resistance and hence diabetes. So, beverages are a big no if your health is a priority for you.

Artificial Trans Fats

Artificial trans fats are very unhealthy not only for diabetic patients but for everyone. Trans fats can be found in products like peanut butter, creamy products, frozen packed foods,  and in many other baked items. You can always check the ingredient of the products before buying. So, if you find trans fats in it then do not buy it at all. You have to avoid all of them if you want to control your diabetes.

White Is Poison

You may have often heard people saying around you that white is poison. This phrase actually means that white food products or ingredients like sugar, rice, and salt are kinds of poison when they are consumed unnecessarily. They are required in a very less amount in our body. So, avoid them as much as possible. Try taking other alternatives.

Refined Flour products

Products made from refined flour (maida) like white bread, pasta, Maggie etc. should be avoided strictly. These products tend to attract people a lot, but staying afar will only halp you. These have high carbs, low in fiber, and contains lots of preservatives.

Sweetened Breakfast Cereals.

Breakfast cereals especially which are sweetened are high in carbs but they have very low or no proteins content. Avoid these cereals as they may increase your blood sugar levels. No carb breakfast cereals such as Oats, Museli, adding them in your breakfast adds up to the flavour (Strawberry, Banana, Almonds etc.) as well as helps you get the blood sugar levels under control

Sweetened Coffee Drinks

Coffee can be good food for diabetic patients but only when it is non-sweetened or less sweetened. Caffine doesn’t noticeabily affect blood sugar levels, so a little amount is actually good for a type 2 diabetic person. A limited amount may show some improvements in your health, but anything consumed in excess is poison.


There is considerably no change in substituting honey for sugar. Besides, honey is sweeter than granulated sugar, so its advisable to use a small amount of sugar or honey in any form for ingestion. But a research by webmd shows that honey has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant qualities, which indeed, is helpful for diabetic person in a controlled amount.

Dry Fruits

Fruits are a great source to keep yourself healthy but when it comes to dry fruits all their nutrients get exhausted. Dry fruits do contain low glyceamic content which makes them healthy enough to be consumed by diabetic patients say Almons, Walnuts, Pistachios and Cashews.

Packaged Snacks

Most of the packages snacks are high in carbs and sugar. They are processed, can increase your sugar levels very badly and increase bad cholesterol in your body. On the contrary, snacks like Yogurt with berries, hummus, hard boiled eggs help a lot and will help avoiding the junk.

Packed Juice

Packed juices are contaminated and have a very high sugar level. They are highly dangerous for a person with diabetes. Not only packed juices but also natural fruit juice is also not good for a diabetic person. Hot milk with honey or coconut water must be offered in exchange of packed juices.

Avoiding the above 10 bad dietary habits will help you curb down the diabetes level. It is important to keep yourself healthy  “ A healthy outside starts from healthy inside”

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